Cream Check

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Cream Check

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Editor's notes

Indeed checks are not new! On the contrary, it would be difficult to point out how early on they became a part of human life. From clothes, jewelry, flooring, symbolic flags, buildings, and a lot more, the check pattern has always been an integral part of our lives. The chessboard is albeit one of the most commonly seen places where the pattern holds significance and high recall ability, yet the history of the pattern goes way back then the game of ‘Shatranj’ (where ‘check’ is ‘shah’ meaning ‘King’ - therefore ‘shah-maat’, translates as ‘check-mate’.).

This pair of incredible socks by Theater is built to be a special addition to the collection! The fabric, finesse, and colors, all come together to make a product that is sure to become a staple, while incredibly pairing well with the many varied occasions you may be a part of each new day. Simple trumps pomp; as they always say. Made intricately and with care for Theater Men.

Product details and care instructions

  • Made with Mercerised Cotton which feels light and soft on your skin.
  • The latest technology used for the elastic band makes it comfortable for those long hours you put in.
  • The composition of materials along with silicon and anti-bacterial wash makes our socks suitable for all weather.
  • Safe for Hand wash or Machine wash.
  • One size fits all.

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