Bowie Starman

Bowie Starman


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Editor's notes

Unrestricted, experimental, comfortable in their skin, unbiased, and extremely memorable are just a few traits of Bowie, both the shoes by Theater and inevitably the legendary icon. Theater pays a special tribute to the magnanimous figure by bringing forth these statement kitten-heel boots.

Continuing the affair with faux leather, textures, and unique structures, the Black Bowies by Theater are a real breath of fresh air. The toe cap is a distinct shape that is easily one of the most prominent features owing to the square-toed structure. The throat of the shoe goes all the way up, joined by a beautiful lace detail while a zip on the side ensures easy wear. The drama that this unique piece bears is unmatched and rather telling. So let your fashion ideas and theatrical moods be told loud, bold, and proud each time you dawn them on!

Sizing Details

36 3 22.6 cm
37 4 23.2 cm
38 5 23.8 cm
39 6 24.4 cm
40 7 25.0 cm
41 8 25.6 cm

Product Details

  • Elaborate yet comfortable sole has a 2.75 mm thickness, made with high-quality rubber, apt for regular walking and wear.
  • The Upper or top of the shoe is made with Patent leather, making it shiny beautiful, durable, and vegan.
  • The closure of the shoe is done in the signature side zipper fashion.
  • The heel of the shoe is 80 millimeters in height giving a strong elevation to the shoe, that accentuates the design while promising a comfortable strut anytime, anywhere.

Care Instructions

Things of beauty must be valued highly and maintained gently. 

Find below a few ways of making sure your shoes remain happy and alive. 

  • If you ever go wandering in the woods and collect some dust or mud on them. Wipe them with a damp cloth to clean them thoroughly. Don’t dip the cloth in the river. A small glass of water should be enough.
  • They like to stay in shape and rest snug with the retaining paper inside them to help maintain that darling figure.
  • The ornate accessories on them may get oxidized and may seem a little too old school, even for us. Avoid locking up your shoes in humid and closed dungeons, lockers, or broom cupboards.
  • Wet shoes are awful. Too much sun is awful. Do not dry your wet shoes in the sun. Unless you want color fastening to let loose it’s impish rabbits. They’ll lose color. 

That’s it. Once worn they should make you feel pretty perfect. So go be your bouncy self. Or goth. Whichever is your calling!

Return/Exchange Policy

Theater’s returns and exchange policy gives you an option to return or exchange Shoes purchased on our website within a period of 7 days from the date of delivery for the reasons specified below:
  • receipt of a different product
  • receipt of a defective item
  • mismatch of size
Read the full policy here